“Stencilboard” aims at building an online-community by collecting and discussing Stencils from all around the world.

“Stencils” are sprayed pictures in public areas, which are produced by using stencils. The site is exclusively dedicated to Stencil-Graffities, which are in general referred to as Stencils or Pochoirs.
Besides presenting these graphics, the site supports the setting up of a Community, which discusses the works on display and features new examples of stencils by uploading photographs.

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Another goal is to collect comments and statements of the artists. Most of the stencils have an interesting background in terms of criticism on developments in social systems and society. The graphics are expressions of a protest in urban areas with a strongly artistic approach. Because of the nature of stencil activities, it is difficult for artists to present the background of their works – this web site provides a platform to enable them to do so.

We also invite and encourage all users of this web site to post their comments on the pictures. We feel strongly committed to the idea of forming a community – so join in and do not hesitate to share your opinion!

Stencils are in general removed very quickly. Therefore this site also aims at fulfilling the function of an archive. It should save some of the heritage of a very creative, dynamic and critical form of art. Its goal is to provide a database, enabling different styles and activities to be compared in different areas and cities around the world.