# 1  |  Angelina  |  2012-05-21
The new tank water should be almsot exactly the same temperature as the hatching tank water, so let the water sit for a day. But, in your new tank, don't have 40 liters (10 gallons) just waiting for your Triops if you started them in 1 liter. Have your new tank hold slightly more water than your hatching tank so as not to shock the poor things. Slowly, day by day, add spring water to the new tank to get your Triops aquanted with the new amount of water. Hopefully, your Triops will make it.If you want to add a filter, add it when the Triops are at least a weak old, so they don't get sucked in and die a horrible death. But, in that time, you can add a pump, so the Triops have air. They will also develop faster with air. The filters that you can use are internal, external, sponge, undergravel, and filters powered by pumps, such as the Penn Plax SWF-1, which won't suck in baby Triops. Internal, sponge, undergravel, and the pump powered filters are probably the best. External filters usually cause a strong current, which isn't natural for Triops, since they would live in quiet, temporary pools of rain water in the wild. But, if you have no filter, then a 25% water change every once or twice a week will be ok (though you should do a 10% water change every week if you have a filter). But use spring water when changing water.Some of the reasons that Triops die in captivity are because of over-feeding, under-feeding, tap water, way too small space, build up of waste in a tank, and being sucked into filters. Cannibalism will also happen, but that is usually only because they can't find any food.