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"Sublime" (2005-04-13) / los Banos (Philippines)

University of the Phil. at los banos, the long bridge toward the library.

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# 1  |  Jonetta  |  2012-01-25
Never seen a bteter post! ICOCBW
# 2  |  Mario  |  2012-05-21
this banner is great! i have plyaed hockey all my life and the picture brian picked for the banner is great. yes there is a lot more to the game then fighting but this really shows the overall feel for the game. as a hockey player you know that you have to do what it takes to keep the "trash" away from the front of the net. hockey is a physical sport there is nothing wrong with getting into a scrap. overall this banner is awesome from the text to the picture definitely something i would like to see at the top of the blog site! good work brian!