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"spray paints" (2012-04-11) / kathmandu (Nepal)

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# 1  |  Susi  |  2012-05-21
Best one for this blog, IMO. 9 and 7 were good also, but 9 was too schizophrenic as is, with the no lack of trtiisanon between the two sides, and 7 was a little business card-ish. Here, while the lettering isn't in the slightly darker than normal Ranger red, it DOES match the red used on the blog's website. Not sure why the logo is skewed/is at a perspective view, but other than that, clean, simple, and works for the blog.
# 2  |  Alberto  |  2012-05-21
Hi JasonI don't know how it started but it did.As you will no doubt have seen by now, I have cneemotmd on several of your journal posts, in the style of a Once Upon A Time story. I've tracked your posts up to date (not commenting on every one) and I thought it would be good to have it over at my blog, for my readers to see to.So I have started a new page over there for the series, and so far split the comments I have written here into four parts. I have only published an intro page and part 1 today -the rest will follow in the nerxt few days.Hope you are okay with the idea. And I hope it doesn't interfere with your flow in anyway. I really enjoyed reading what you wrote and it just inspired me to write about your journey. Let's just go with the flow shall we? And see where it takes us. No pressure on you, of course, its your journey and your journal.I am just another Chronicler! (It must have been a surprise to wake up this morning and find so many comments all from one reader! You must be doing something right!)To both our successes!Jaycee