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"Lucy Van Pelt" (2012-06-10) / Casalbordino (Italy)

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# 1  |  Osama  |  2012-08-03
This my first venture at joniing an online crochet event. I've been crocheting so long that I don't remember being taught. I'm 59 years old now and I love to crochet. The thought of crocheting along with other crochet lovers is fun. I look forward to sharing a project with others. I am starting a beginners crochet class September 30 with the assistance of the local Parks and Rec department. Wish me luck. That is also a new venture for me. I just want to share my gift with others.
# 2  |  akbauovinm  |  2012-08-04
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# 3  |  Byoungwan  |  2012-10-14
This is cyrtsal clear. Thanks for taking the time!